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Published 1979

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Clancy, Eric Gerald 1909-2002

The Overflow of Clancy

ISBN 0 9599092 14

1. Clancy Family. I Title


Five hundred copies of this book have been printed of which this is No. 348

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God, the Father of all Mankind

(Thy hands created me, Thy hands
From sin have set me free.
Charles Wesley)


To a long line of ancestors


Thomas Clancy, Anne Kirby        Edward Ballard. Mary Lewis
Duncan Rankin, Janet Rankin       John Walker, Mary Wiseman

John Clancy, Eliza Rankin         Luther Ballard, Sarah Walker

William Clancy        Ada Ballard

Who gave life and being to


"Every Person is, whether he recognises the fact or not a bundle of his ancestors."

E.F. Scott

"There is no man of any culture who does not take some interest in what was done by his forefathers."

Edward Everett

"People will not look forward to prosperity who never look backward toward their ancestry."

Edmund Burke

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The research of which this book is the result has brought me a double reward – I have discovered some of my forebears, and I have discovered a number of relatives whose existence was unknown to me prior to the commencement of this research. Like myself, most of these relatives knew little about our ancestors. But their interest has been kindled, and where they could they helped me. The long list of interviewees and correspondents mentioned in "Sources" indicates their number, and I would like to thank them all for information provided, and photographs loaned. I should like particularly to mention Sister Raymonde (Betty) Taylor who has given outstanding assistance, and provided a large quantity of primary records.

My thanks are due to a considerable number of priests and ministers in Ireland, Scotland and various parts of Australia for supplying information from Registers, particularly those who allowed me to do my own research in the Registers. Several Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland have provided relevant information.

I acknowledge gratefully the valuable assistance given by the staffs of the following libraries and archives. The State Archives of New South Wales; The State Library of New South Wales; Mitchell Library, Sydney; The Public Records Office of Victoria; La Trobe Library, Melbourne; The State Archives of Queensland; The National Library of Australia, Canberra; The Australian Society of Genealogists, Sydney; St. Patrick's Cathedral Archives, Melbourne; The Public Records Office, Dublin; The County Library, Cork; The Cork City Library; and Columba House, Edinburgh. I express appreciation also to the Mines Departments in New South Wales and Queensland, and to the Lands Department in New South Wales for information given, and to several newspaper proprietors for allowing me to peruse their files.

I wish to record my deep appreciation to Wayne Giddy for his professional skill with the photographs which are reproduced, and to the Editor of Footprints for permission to use material from my articles on the Rev. Ranald Rankin and Thomas and Anne Clancy.

My warm thanks go to my daughter Enid (Mrs Bruce Chapman) who willingly undertook the task of typing this story for offset printing. Finally, my grateful thanks go to my wife who has had to put up with my pre-occupation with this work over the past three years.

Eric G. Clancy

9th August 1979

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The author wishes to acknowledge the help and co-operation of the following publishers and Institutions: Angus and Robertson, publishers of Henry Lawson's Poems and Prose Works, A.B. Paterson's Poems, "A Tale of Two Brothers" by M. Lazarus; Rigby Ltd., publishers of L. Braden's "Bullockies"; J. Derbyshire and C.E. Sayers "Old Gold Towns of Queensland", Bill Wannan's "Australia - My Kind of Country", and "Record of Castlemaine Pioneers"; William Heinemann Australia Pty. Ltd., publishers of "Bendigo - A History" by Frank Cusack; Polding Press, publishers of "Pioneer Catholic Victoria" by Rev. W. Ebsworth; and Australian War Memorial, publishers of "Anzac to Amiens" by C.E.W. Bean, all of whom have granted me permission to quote from, or refer to, the above-mentioned books.

Mrs Rivett, widow of Rohan Rivett, publisher of "Teamsters of the Black Soil Plains" by Douglas Harris, has granted permission to reproduce a map of western New South Wales; the La Trobe Collection, State Library of New South Wales for permission to publish two photographs of St. Francis Church and School, Melbourne; Mitchell Library for permission to publish photographs of a drover and sheep, photographs of Bendigo and Kyneton, Henry Gilbert Jones engravings of early Melbourne, Robert Russell's watercolour of Collins Street, Melbourne; the State Library of New South Wales for permission to publish two prints relating to emigrants; and to Robert B. Ronald, "Nap Nap", Maude, N.S.W., for permission to publish two photographs, "The Booligal Road" and "Dust-storm in the Hillston District", which were published in "The Riverina - People and Properties" by Robert B. Ronald.

Richard P., Thomas G., and John Clancy

Richard P., Thomas G., and John Clancy

Gerald Clancy in hospital

The First St. Francis Church, Melbourne
(In this church the first Australian Clancy, Richard Patrick, was baptised.)

( Courtesy La Trobe Library Collection, Melbourne )

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