(Where date is not indicated, these took place at various times during 1976-1979.)

Alan ("Barney") Clancy (Birmingham Gardens, NSW), Pat Clancy (Paradise Point, Qld), Reg Clancy (Stockton, NSW), Pauline McGibbon (Eastwood (NSW), Esme Thornton (Goulburn, NSW) - children of Jack Clancy.

Marion Hicks and Lilias Usher (both of Cronulla, NSW) - daughters of Patrick J. Clancy.

Ronald Clancy (Red Hill, Qld) - son of Gerald Clancy, 17-9-1977

Jessie and Len Clancy (Booker Bay, NSW) - children of Thomas Clancy, 24-7-1977, 25-4-1978, 13-6-1979.

William Clayton (Wangaratta, Vic) - great-grandson of Eleanor Stewart (nee Clancy)3-4-1978.

Sister Raymonde (Betty) Taylor (Windsor, Vic), Margaret Jach (Panton Hill, Vic) - daughters of Anne Taylor (nee Clancy), 9-4-1977, 8-4-1978.

Maureen MacPherson (Lithgow, NSW) daughter of Thomas R. Clancy 15-4-1978.

Don Langridge (Lilydale, Vic) - grandson of Francis P. Clancy, 13-1-1978, 8-4-1978.

Kathleen and Patricia Clancy (Preston, Vic) - daughters of Francis P. Clancy, 9-4-1978.

Patricia Judd (at Panton Hill, Vic) - daughter of Leonice Curran (nee Clancy), 8-4-1978.

Gordon Doran (Woomelang, Vic) - grandson of Mary Doran (nee Clancy), 2-4-1977.

Anne P. ("Nance") Hoban (Mitcham, Vic) - grand-daughter of Mary Doran (nee Clancy), 11-4-1977.

Frances J. Nation (Forest Hill, Vic) - grand-daughter of Frances Ledwich (nee Doran), 11-4-1977.

William R. D'Ornay (Bendigo, Vic), 11-4-1978 and Sydney G. D'Ornay (Drummoyne, NSW) - grandsons of Catherine D'Ornay (nee Clancy).

Jessica Wright (Lindfield, NSW) - daughter of Richard Clancy, l6-2-1979.

Gordon Johnstone (Tuncurry, NSW), 6-1-1977; Geraldine Robertson (Armidale, NSW), 22-9-1977; Eileen James (Merrylands, NSW) - grandchildren of Geraldine Johnstone (nee Clancy).

Mrs Gerald Yuncken and Miss Moira Rankin (Lower Plenty, Vic) -great-grandchildren of Janet Rankin, 7-4-1977.

Mr A. Cramsie (East Lindfield, NSW) - grandson of John Cramsie, 23-6-1978.

Gladys Stevens and Edith Lille (Bowraville, NSW), 11-9-1977.

Alma Martin (Coogee, NSW), 30-8-1978.

Mrs G. Booth (Kempsey, NSW), 6-9-1975.

Mrs Somerville ( "Somerset Park" Strathfieldsaye, Vic), 3-4-1977.

Mr Harry Delves (Gladesville, NSW), 12-10-1978.

Sister Benedicta Langtry (Presentation Convent, Sutherland, NSW), 10.5.1978.

Sister Campion (St. Joseph's Convent, North Sydney, NSW), 3-7-1977.

Mr E. ("Ted") Smith (Coff's Harbour, NSW), 1-1-1977

Mr H. Giddins (Booligal, NSW), 14-4-1978.

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(Letters, Diaries, Personal Papers, Photographs.)

Rev. A. Ryan to Thomas G. Clancy, 28-5-1898.

"Nellie" Clancy to Thomas G. Clancy, November 1898.

P.S. Connolly and Co. to T.G. Clancy, 16-9-1898.

May Clancy to "Nellie" Clancy, 19-7-1899, 13-8-1899, 4-9-1899.

Alice Clancy to Anne Clancy, 13-7-1902.

Richard P. Clancy to Thomas G. Clancy, 24-9-1899, 17-12-1911, 9-6-1913.

Mary Doran to Thomas G. Clancy, 4-2-1904, 12-6-1904, December 1912.

Richard P. Clancy to Mary Doran, 18-10-1908.

J.W. Boultbee to Thomas G. Clancy (reference), 2-6-1899.

Fred Brooks to Thomas G. Clancy (telegram), 13-6-1906.

Richard P. Clancy to Anne Clancy,
3-10-1914, 25-11-1914, 21-2-1915, 18-4-1915, 23-5-1915.

Geraldine Stewart to Thomas G. Clancy, 1-7-1912.

William Clancy to Ada Ballard, December 1907.

William Clancy to Amos Ballard, 1911.

Thomas R. Clancy to "Nellie" Clancy, 27-11-1916, 10-9-1916.

Thomas C. Johnstone to Anne Talor, 18-2-1919.

William J. Stewart to Thomas Clancy, 10-12-1922.

William J. Stewart to Anne Taylor, 4-11-1923.

Sister Joseph Cramsie to Jessie Clancy, 29-8-1929.

Tom Reade to Anne Taylor, 27-1-1938.

Alice McFarlane to Leonice Curran, 1965.

Bernard J. Blanchen to Frances J. Nation, 12-8-1976.

Diary - T.G. Clancy, May 1882, May 1883, Jan 1894-Dec 1895,

1896, Sep-Oct 1898, June 1912-April 1913.

Memoirs - T.G. Clancy n.d.

Last Will and Testament of T.G. Clancy, 1899.

Miner's Right - T.G. Clancy, 18-1-1888, 13-8-1892, 24-8-1894, 18-7-1898.

Engine Driver's Ticket - T.G. Clancy, 19-8-1892.

T.G. Clancy - Receipt from Aust. Jockey Club, 2-6-1899.

Geraldine Johnstone to T.G. Clancy - Christmas Card n.d.

T.G. Clancy - Poems.

Royal Mail Coach Ticket - Booligal to Hay, 13-8-1882.

T.G. Clancy - Ticket SS Wollowra n.d.

Annie Taylor - Autograph Album.

The Australian Cramsie Family Tree.

(The two letters from William Clancy and letter from Richard P. Clancy to Mary Doran and the Cramsie Family Tree are in the possession of the author; all other material listed above is in the possession of Sister Raymonde Taylor, Windsor, Vic, who has made them available to the author.)

Donald Rankin to Rev. D. Forbes, 4-10-1831.

Ranald Rankin to Rev. Charles Gordon, 16-5-1834.

Reginalda Rankin to "Rev. Dear Sir" (Scotland), 14-4-1849.

(These letters are in the Blair Letters, Columba House, Edinburgh, Scotland, made available to the author on 2-4-1979 by Father Mark Dilworth.)

Ranald Rankin, acknowledged receipt of money from Rev. T. Heptonstall, 30-5-1855.

Ranald Rankin to Bishop J.A. Goold, 26-10-1855.

Ranald Rankin to Dean Fitzpatrick, 30-6-1855.

Bishop Murdock (Glasgow) to Bishop Goold, 18-5-1864

(These letters are in St. Patrick's Cathedral Archives, Melbourne, and made available to the author by Rev. J.A. Kearney on 6-4-1978.)

Letters to the Author

Frances J. Nation (Forest Hill, Vic), December 1976, 14-2-1977, 7-5-1978.

Anne P. ("Nance") Hoban (Mitcham, Vic) 26-12-1976, 20-3-1977, 13-6-1978, 12-8-1979.

Betty Clancy (Bendigo, Vic) - daughter-in-law of Jack Clancy, 21-6-1976, 7-9-1976, 16-9-1976, 10-10-1976, November 1976, 9-12-1976, 25-1-1977, 28-1-1977, 15-2-1977, 23-2-1977, 11-3-1977.

Kathleen Clancy (Preston, Vic), 4-10-1977, 17-12-1977, 28-2-1978.

Gordon Doran (Woomelang, Vic), January 1977, 1-2-1977, 31-5-1977, 1-8-1977, February 1978, 26-3-1976.

Don Langridge (Lilydale, Vic), 16-8-1977, 5-1-1978.

Gordon Johnstone (Tuncurry, NSW), 3-3-1977

William Clancy (Townsville, Qld) - son of Gerald Clancy,
9-8-1976, 15-12-1976, 26-6-1979.

Maureen MacPherson (Lithgow, NSW), 10-2-1978.

Sister Raymonde Taylor (Windsor, Vic), 11-9-1978, 17-9-1978, 27-9-1978,
15-12-1978, 6-2-1979, 26-4-1979, 21-6-1979, 30-7-1979.

William Clayton (Wangaratta, Vic), 28-8-1977, 26-8-1977, 25-7-1979.

Mrs N.G. Rae (Karingal, Vic), 9-1-1978.

Mrs Betty Shaw (Little River, Vic), 10-4-1978.

Alice Wilson (Brighton, Qld) - daughter of Alice McFarlane (nee Clancy), 25-2-1979, 22-4-1979, 17-5-1979.

Lorna L. Banfield (Ararat, Vic), 26-8-1978.

Sister Benedicta Langtry (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 4-11-1977.

Mary Hoban (Kilmore), 2-5-1977.

Douglas Harris (Deniliquin, NSW), 25-1-1978.

Land's Department, Hay (NSW), 14-2-1979.

NSW Department of Mines, Sydney (NSW), 23-6-1976.

Queensland Department of Mines, Brisbane (Qld), 10-1-1979.

Rev. J.G. Alexander (Greenock, Scotland), 14-6-1979.

Rev. M. Cogan (Cobh, Ireland), 6-9-1976.

Mrs Ann McDonell (Speanbridge, Scotland), 10-4-1979, 14-5-1979, 28-4-1979.

Mr A.G. MacDonald (Townsville, Qld), 2-10-1978, 14-10-1978.

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Church Registers
Registers of Baptisms

Roman Catholic Church, Castletownroche, Ireland.

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.

Roman Catholic Church, Moidart, Argyllshire, Scotland.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Greenock, Scotland.

St. Francis Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne, Vic.

St. Killan's Roman Catholic Church, Bendigo, Vic.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Kyneton, Vic.

Roman Catholic Church, Stawell, Vic.

Roman Catholic Church, East St. Kilda, Vic.

Roman Catholic Church, West St. Kilda, Vic.

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Deniliquin, NSW.

St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church, Hay, NSW.

Roman Catholic Church, Carcoar, NSW.

St. James Church of England, Deniliquin, NSW.

Church of England, Hay, NSW.

Church of England, St. Peter's, NSW.

Methodist Church, Hay, NSW.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Bellingen, NSW.

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Mount Morgan, Qld.

Roman Catholic Church, Bundaberg, Qld.

Registers of Marriages

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.

Castletownroche Roman Catholic Church, Ireland.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Greenock, Scotland.

Roman Catholic Church, Moidart, Argyllshire, Scotland.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Geelong, Vic.

St. Kilian's Roman Catholic Church, Bendigo, Vic.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Kyneton, Vic.

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Deniliquin, NSW.

St. James Church of England, Deniliquin, NSW.

St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church, Hay, NSW.

Presbyterian Church, Dungog, NSW.

Roman Catholic Church, Gladstone, Qld.

Roman Catholic Church, Mount Morgan, Qid.

Congregational Church, Vulture Street, Brisbane, QId.

Births Deaths and Marriages

Chief Registrar, Sydney, NSW.

District Registrar, Deniliquin, NSW

District Registrar, Hay, NSW.

District Registrar, Parkes, NSW.

Government Statist, Melbourne, Vic.

Registrar-General, Brisbane, Qld.

District Registrar, Herberton, Qld.

Customs House, Dublin, Ireland.

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Aplotment Book of Tithe Composition No 20 Parish of Bridgetown,
Barony of Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland (Cork County Library).

Aplotment Book of Tithe Composition No 39 Parish of Clonmel,
County Cork (Public Records Office, Dublin).

Land Records (Cork County Library).

Valuation of Tenements 1851 (Cork County Library).

Valuation of Tenements 1852 (Genealogical Society, Dublin).

Wills - John and Mary Teresa Clancy (Public Records Office, Dublin).

Census 1851, Greenock, Renfrewshire (Mf L.D.S. Genealogical Society, Greenwich, NSW).

Wills - J. Clancy, W.R. D'Ornay, C. D'Ornay (Mf 3/3027 No 10863
Society of Australian Genealogists, Sydney, NSW).

NSW Census 1891 - Booligal, Conargo, Deniliquin, Hay (Hf Reel 2532, 2535,
Mitchell Library, Sydney, NSW).

Homestead Selections (1895-98) (3/2940 and 3/2941, Mitchell Library).

NSW Department of Education files (10/8295, 10/5020 et al, Mitchell Library).

Booligal Common Fees Book 1887-97 (Mr H. Giddins, Booligal, NSW).

Record of Conveyances, Book 76 (Victorian Land Office, Melbourne, Vic).

Shipping Lists (Mf Reel 3192 et al, Mitchell Library).

Shipping Lists - Books 1, 9 et al (Government Records Office, Melbourne, Vic).

NSW Government Vouchers - Port Phillip Accounts Books 4, 7, 10, 18 et al
(La Trobe Library, Melbourne, Vic).

Rev. Ranald Rankin file (St. Patrick's Cathedral Archives, Melbourne, Vic).

"The Overflow" Station file (ANU Archives, Canberra, ACT).


Hillston District - Parish of Burgess, County of Nicholson 958 R (1972).

Dorrigo District - Parish of Leigh, County of Fitzroy 1906.
Dorrigo District - Parish of Blight, County of Fitzroy 1900.

Strathfieldsaye, Vic - Parish of Strathfieldsaye, County of Bendigo 1875.

Ham's Squatting Map of Victoria 1851.

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Cork Constitution 1823

Cork Advertiser 1841

Bendigo Advertiser 1897, 1946, 1951

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Port Phil1ip Gazette

Port Phillip Patriot 1841-46

Port Phillip Herald 1842, 1843

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The Intelligencer 1851

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The Weekly Tines 1976

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Mount Morgan Truth

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