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A Domain name is your piece of real estate on the Internet. Protect your business name today by making sure it is registered. The cost of registration is a small price to pay considering the investment you have in your name.

My strong suggestion is to get a portfolio of Domain Names and protect your name globally and locally. That means you may need the (.com) ( (.net) (.biz) (.info) domain names. The costs to secure those extensions are very low in contrast to the benefits, as the names become vital cogs in your marketing strategy.

As an affiliate of Melbourne IT, one of the worlds leading suppliers of domain names and related services, can offer assistance and guidance on this subject as well as a direct linkage to Melbourne IT and their registration service.

Key reasons customers should register their domain names now.

Protect your business names on the Internet before somebody else registers your preferred domain name - including your business entities, brands and trademarks.

Registering your domain names places you in a good position to build an on-line presence in the future.

Owning your own domain name allows you to get your own company e-mail - e-mail addresses derive from a domain name- if you do not own your own domain name, then you cannot get an e-mail address in your business name.

Melbourne IT

Melbourne IT originated from within Melbourne University, Australia's leading technology tertiary educational facility. Melbourne IT, are a leading supplier of domain names and related services to the global market.

A well-established, public company on the Australian Stock Exchange, Melbourne IT's, ASX stock code is, MLB. I believe, a name you can trust. This service is secure, fast and reliable. Brisbane. Queensland. Australia.
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