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Five major tasks associated with web development.

1. Defining the problem.

OK you have decided you need a website for your business or personal use, perhaps some other use. What next. Typically the first problem is, "I need someone to organise the web for me." Of course you can do it yourself, but let me tell you it gets complicated. Alternatively you can contact me and I will of course sort your first problem out.

2. Planning the solution.

Who is going to write your copy take your photos, design your logo. Would you like me to do it, I can if you like. Where ever the resources come from I do not mind. Organising them into a format suitable for the web is one of my roles. The solution to web projects is often best mapped out using what is known as UML. Unified Modelling Language, no it is not similar to hieroglyphics, it is more like a flow chart or an illustrated guide to visualising the website.

3. Coding the website.

There are two main aspects to websites, the mark‐up and the scripts. Scripts are written in a programming language that supports the pages dynamically. In relation to programming languages there are a number of them available to support websites. Scripts can be written poorly or well. I like to think I can write scripts well. Like any form of expression it is a never ending learning circle and so I think it is presumptuous to claim any real expertise in any specific language. Most of the library‚Äôs that support languages are huge and I believe that few people every really understand them completely. So to right well, as I believe I do, is a strong enough position to support the claim of writing professionally.

Mark‐up alone, which is not related to scripting is complex enough on its own. These pages highlight the work I do as a web developer specialising in XHTML. XHTML is rich in features, like allowing the pages to expand to accommodate any screen size, (800px X 600px), (1024px X 768px), these pages have been designed to suit both - in fact even your smart phone. Did I mention printing? – what you see on the screen is not what is printed. This website has been designed that way – because it can be. Try minimising this page and you will see what we mean, note how the pages expand and contract to suit the screen. You can also see by printing a page how the technology allows for variations in type styles etc., between the screen version and the printed version.

4. Testing the website

We have travelled a lot of ground to get to this point. The real test is are you happy with what I have delivered or would you like some changes. Is it working as you hoped it would would work. What is it that you need it to do. After all one of the objectives I have is to make life easier for yourself and your website should deliver that outcome. In fact any outcome you target.

5. Documenting the project

How am you going to keep track of the steps you need to take, like looking after passwords and user names when the management of your website is in your hands. Well again I hope I can satisfy your needs in this area, by organising and documenting this information for you. And more importantly being there to help if you should need it in the future. Brisbane. Queensland. Australia.
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